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Bad mosquito netting

Bad mosquito netting –  From the Red Skelton radio show, 9/3/1948, “Red Returns after the Summer” – Red Skelton and Rod O’Connor swap mosquito jokes!

Rod O’Connor: You’ve got a nice tan.

Red Skelton: That’s not a tan, that’s the color I turn when the mosquitoes drain all the blood out of me!

Rod O’Connor: The mosquitoes were bad, huh? Why didn’t you use mosquito netting?

Red Skelton: It didn’t work.

Rod O’Connor: Didn’t work? Why not?

Red Skelton: The big mosquitoes sat on the outside and pushed the little ones through!

Rod O’Connor: Did you know that only female mosquitoes will bite?

Red Skelton: I’ve got news for you; the one that bit me when I was bent over to tie my shoes was no lady!