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The Red Skelton Show season 10

Freddie's Shipwreck - with Sebastian Cabot,Red Skelton as Freddie the Freeloader - The Red Skelton Show season 10

The Red Skelton Show season 10 is somewhat unusual. Red Skelton was out for part of the season, recovering from back surgery. And so, several of his friends filled in to guest host. These include: Jackie Gleason, Ed Sullivan, Desi Arnaz, Arthur Godfrey, and others. In addition, Red started off the season with a special pantomime performance taped at the United Nations. Enjoy!

List of episodes

Air DateEpisode NameNotesImage
September 27, 1960Laughter, the Universal LanguageA special performance taped at the United Nations.Laughter, the Universal Language - Red Skelton performing pantomime at the United Nations
October 4, 1960Appleby’s Predictionswith Vivian VanceAppleby's Predictions - Clara gets wealthy off George Appleby's predictions
October 11, 1960Clem the Candidatewith William DemarestClem the Candidate - Clem Kadiddlehopper on Face the Press
October 18, 1960Deadeye and the Magicianwith Vincent Price and Marie WindsorVincent Price tries to hypnotize Deadeye in Deadeye and the Magician
October 25, 1960Freddie’s Manhattanwith Jackie Coogan
November 1, 1960San Fernando Investigates the Investigating Committees with Jayne Meadows
November 15, 1960George Appleby’s Time Machinewith Virginia Grey
November 22, 1960Clem, the Animal Psychiatristwith Terry Moore
December 6, 1960George Appleby’s Neighborwith Diana Dors, Vici RaafGeorge Appleby's Neighbor - Diana Dors.  I'm sure Clara won't be jealous at all …
December 27, 1960Johnson Waxwith Cedric Hardwicke
January 3, 1961San Fernadocalwith Jack AlbertsonSan Fernandocal - San Ferrnando Red
January 10, 1961Danny Thomas
January 17, 1961The Garry Moore Showwith Garry Moore, Ed Sullivan, Marilyn Maxwell, Bobby Rydell
January 24, 1961We’re Gonna Have a Partywith Jackie Gleason and Arthur Godfrey guest hostingWe're Gonna Have a Party - Jackie Gleason guest hosts while Red recovers from back surgery
January 31, 1961Pantomime ConcertWith Marcel Marceau and Desi Arnaz
February 7, 1961Ed Sullivan as Redwith John Wayne – and Ed Sullivan performing as Clem Kadiddlehopper and Deadeye!Ed Sullivan as Red - filling in while Red recovers from back surgery
March 14, 1961Freddie and the Babywith Ed WynnFreddie and the Baby - Ed Wynn with the baby and Freddie the Freeloader
March 28, 1961Deadeye and the Alamowith Cesar RomeroDeadeye and the Alamo - Deadeye and Cesar Romero
April 4, 1961Clem’s Theatrewith Hans Conried, Leslie Parrish
April 18, 1961Freddie’s Bandwith Allen Jenkins
April 25, 1961Clem the Geniuswith Billy Gilbert, Roland Young
May 2, 1961Appleby’s Castlewith Marilyn Maxwell and Richard DeaconAppleby's Castle - with Marilyn Maxwell, Red Skelton as George Appleby, and Richard Deacon
May 9, 1961Cauliflower and the Fight Fixwith Mary Beth Hughes
May 16, 1961Freddie’s Shipwreckwith Sebastian Cabot, George KennedyFreddie's Shipwreck - with Sebastian Cabot,Red Skelton as Freddie the Freeloader
May 23, 1961San Fernando and Herbiewith Don Knotts, Amanda BlakeSan Fernando and Herbie - Amanda Blake, Red Skelton as San Fernando Red, Don Knotts
May 30, 1961Clem’s Watermelonswith Phyllis Avery
June 6, 1961Appleby’s Sleepwalkwith Vivian Vance as Clara Appleby
June 13, 1961Freddie Gets Sickwith Jackie CooganFreddie Gets Sick - with Jackie Coogan, Red Skelton as Freddie the Freeloader
June 20, 1961Candid Clem with guest stars Gene Autry and Champion
June 27, 1961Appleby’s Remotewith Cara Williams