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The Red Skelton Hour season 12

The Red Skelton Hour season 12

The Red Skelton Show moves to its new, full hour format, as is rechristened as The Red Skelton Hour season 12.

Somebody Up There Should Stay There

Soldiers Red Skelton and Harpo Marx, on opposite sides, play checkers

Harpo Marx guest stars as a bumbling guardian angel that makes George Appleby‘s life even worse! He also appears with Red Skelton in a hilarious Silent Spot. They’re soldiers on opposite sides of World War I, who forge an unlikely friendship. Until their superior officers find out!

The Greatest Schmo on Earth featuring Phil Harris and Juliet Prowse

Clem Kadiddlehopper as the world's bravest idiot at the Ringading Circus

A Clem Kadiddlehopper sketch. Daisy June (Juliet Prowse) has run off to join the circus. So Clem follows her there, but runs afoul of the circus owner, John Ringading (Phil Harris). Who has an idea for a very dangerous new act, starring Clem! Also a Silent Spot pantomime with Red as a once-great cowboy film star …. Now forgotten.

The Mayor of Central Park

The Mayor of Central Park (Ray Bolger) greets his constituents

A Freddie the Freeloader sketch, with Ray Bolger, Allen Jenkins, Brenda Lee. Ray Bolger is the Hobo Mayor of Central Park – but not protecting the hobos! Can Freddie defeat him in the election?

The Booze Man of Alcatraz featuring Jackie Coogan and Kay Starr

A San Fernando Red sketch, with Jackie Coogan, Kay Starr.

One Good Intern Deserves Another

A Freddie the Freeloader sketch mocking the Ben Casey TV show. With Billy Barty, George Gobel, Benny Rubin

Rupert the Stupert

With Charles Ruggles, Jane PowellJules Munshin

Dial P for Plumber

A George Appleby skit, with Jo Stafford as Clara, and Cesar Romero as the Plumber.

Ten Baby Fingers and 12 Baby Toes with guest stars Janis Paige and Stubby Kaye

Junior,, his mom, and the doctor in the psychiatrist's office in "Ten Little Fingers and Twelve Baby Toes"

Janis Paige as the mother of Junior the mean little kid, and Stubby Kaye as the child psychiatrist who intends to marry her … once he finds out she’s wealthy! Junior to the rescue! Janis and Stubby sing Teamwork. Then Stubby appears in the Silent Spot as a Native American at the time of the first Thanksgiving, while Red is a pilgrim, trying to hunt down a turkey. A hilarious skit!

March of the Litterbugs

With Cyril Ritchard and Joanie Summers.

Who Put the Bobby Sox in Mr. Appleby’s Chowder?

Clara Appleby (Audrey Meadows) forms a teenage fan club for a rock & roll idol (Bobby Rydell) — which causes George Appleby grief!

Once Upon a Flea

With Clem Kadiddlehopper and Rosemary Clooney.

How the West Was Lost

With Sheriff Deadeye, Gordon MacRae, Sheila MacRae

Freddie and the Yuletide Doll

Half of this 60-minute episode is a rerun of Red Skelton’s pantomime sketch, ‘Freddie and the Yuletide Doll’ with Cara Williams.

Of Mouth and Men

A spoof of Ancient Rome, with Tommy Noonan, Martha Raye

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Wife

A George Appleby skit, with Eve Arden as Clara

Have Rickshaw, Will Travel

A Clem Kadiddlehopper episode, with Jules Munshin as a mad scientist.

Children Should Be Seen But Not Had featuring Alice Faye and Phil Harris

A Junior, the mean little kid, episode.

Witness for the Persecution or Half a Lawyer Is Better Than None

A Freddie the Freeloader episode, with Mickey Rooney

Much Ado About Knotting

A Clem Kadiddlehopper episode with George Gobel

Red Fails in the Sunset

A San Fernando Red sketch, with Vici Raaf as Ruby, and Cesar Romero

Advice to the Loveworn

A George Appleby episode, with Virginia Grey as Clara, and Jayne Mansfield as “Dr. Joyce Sisters”

My Friend the Enemy

A Freddie the Freeloader episode, with Stubby Kaye as his pal Mugsy.

The Bel Air Haykickers AKA the Beverly Hills Haykickers

A Clem Kadiddlehopper sketch, with Sebastian Cabot and Alberta Nelson

After the Bald Is Over

A George Appleby sketch, with Marilyn Maxwell as Clara, and Jackie Coogan

Frontier Coward

A Sheriff Deadeye sketch, with Amanda Blake and Bobby Rydell

Come to Me, My Melon-Headed Baby

A Junior the mean little kid sketch, with Ginger Rogers.

The Portrait of Dorian Appleby

A George Appleby sketch, with Janet Blair as Clara.

How Green Was My Money

A Freddie the Freeloader sketch, with Robert Horton

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Wife

A George Appleby sketch, with Pat Carroll as Clara, and Forrest Tucker

A Midsummer Nut’s Dream

A Clem Kadiddlehopper sketch, with Keely Smith as Daisy June. The Silent Spot features Willie Lump Lump, with Doris Singleton as his wife.

Captains Outrageous

A Forsooth sketch, with Rhonda Fleming and Hank Henry.

Jerk and the Beanstalk

George Appleby's artificial muscles in "Jerk and the Beanstalk"

A George Appleby sketch, with Helen O’Connell as Clara, and Don Knotts. Where the overworked, sleep-deprived George has to be turned into a specimen of physical fitness by … Don Knotts?!?

It’s a Treat to Sell Your Wheat in the Vladivostok Mud

A Clem Kadiddlehopper sketch with Cesar Romero.