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The Red Skelton Hour season 19 [episode guide]

John Wayne and Red Skelton in Hominy and True Grits - The Red Skelton Hour season 19

The Red Skelton Show season 19 (1969-1970) – Red Skelton‘s variety show continues, with a wide variety of guest stars and singers, with the Silent Spot, classic bits, corny jokes

Air DateEpisode NameNotes
September 23, 1969Pop, the Astronautwith Peter GravesPeter Graves with Pop in Pop, the Astronaut
September 30, 1969A Happening That Happened In Texaswith Walter Brennan
October 7, 1969You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man – But You Can Trywith Emmaline Henry, Jack Albertson
October 14, 1969The Traveling Saleslady and the Farmer’s Sonwith Martha Raye
October 21, 1969Willie Lump-Lump’s Birthdaywith Kay Ballard
October 28, 1969Hominy and True Gritswith John WayneJohn Wayne and Red Skelton in Hominy and True Grits
November 4, 1969See Your Doctor Once a Year Even If It Kills Youwith Audrey Meadows, Edgar Bergen, Three Dog Night
November 11, 1969An Icicle Built for Twowith Beverly Powers, Maurice Evans
November 18, 1969Singing Waiters, Hillbilly Songwriterswith George Gobel, Lou Rawls
November 25, 1969There’s One Thing Money Won’t Buy, and Someday We’ll Find Out What It Iswith Walter Brennan
December 2, 1969It is Better To Have Loved and Lost, Much Betterwith Janet Leigh, The Mills Brothers
December 9, 1969He Wanted to be a Square-Shooter, But He Found That His Barrel Was Roundwith Agnes Moorehead
December 16, 1969The Son of Oliver Twist or Junior is Just a Little Dickenswith Cyril Ritchard
December 30, 1969Crime Doesn’t Pay But It’s Tax Freewith Barbara Bain
January 6, 1970You Can Take the Boy Out of the Country, If You Promise Not to Bring Him Backwith Vincent Price
January 13, 1970If Marriages Are Made in Heaven, Why Do They Call it Heaven?with Pat Carroll, Duke Ellington
January 20, 1970There’s No Business Like Show Business, But When There’s No Business, Show Business Goes Out of Business Like Any Other Businesswith Robert Merrill
January 27, 1970Charity Begins at Home, But Nowadays Who Can Afford a Home?with Jane Powell
February 3, 1970Is This Any Way to Ruin an Airline?with Mike Connors
February 10, 1970When East Meets West, You’ve Sure Got a Skinny Country
February 17, 1970People Who Like People are Cannibalswith Barbara Feldon
February 24, 1970The Three Musketeers Ride Again, Those Ding-Dong Daddieswith Audrey Meadows, Tiny Tim, Jackie Coogan, Mickey Rooney
March 3, 1970Bill Bailey Must Have Been Married That’s Why He Never Came Homewith Pat Carroll
March 10, 1970Blood is Thicker Than Water and Harder to Shave Withwith Vincent Price, Kenny Rogeers
March 17, 1970He Died With His Boots On, Cause He Had Cold Feet to Startwith Fess Parker
March 24, 1970San Fernando Red’s Spy School or How to Make a Possible Mission Impossiblewith Beverly Powers, Billy Barty
March 31, 1970Be It Ever So Crumbled, There is No Place Like Homewith George Gobel
April 7, 1970Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make – So They Added Iron Barswith Cesar RomeroButch (Cesar Romero) and Bolivar Shagnasty (Red Skelton) in "The mice refuse the horrible prison food, but kindly provide bicarbonate of soda, in "Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make: So They Added Iron Bars"