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Stick Out Your Tongue joke [Red Skelton Show]

Stick Out Your Tongue

Stick Out Your Tongue – a funny series of jokes between Red Skelton and Reginald Denny, on the Red Skelton Show season 4. Reggie is convinced that Red’s under the weather, and simply wants him to stick out his tongue …

Reggie the Butler (Reginald Denny): Stick out your tongue.
Red Skelton: Why? I’m not mad at you!
Reggie the Butler (Reginald Denny): I know you’re not, sir. but I want to see your tongue.
Red Skelton: Oh … [sticks his tongue out, pulls it back in immediately]
Reggie the Butler (Reginald Denny) That’s much too fast, sir. Let it hang a little, will you? Come now, please …
Red Skelton: Baby, it’s cold outside.
Reggie the Butler (Reginald Denny) Will you stick your tongue out? [Red does] Further. [Red tries] Further! Further!
Red Skelton: It’s hooked on back there!
Reggie the Butler (Reginald Denny) Oh, just as I thought.
Red Skelton: What?
Reggie the Butler (Reginald Denny) Your tongue has a coat on.
Red Skelton: Well, I told you it was cold out.

From Love Thy Neighbor / Sadie Murphy’s Trailer Park