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Red Skelton – Unreleased

The Red Skelton Hour: In Color: Unreleased Seasons

Red Skelton – Unreleased – Collector’s Edition – Select Shows from 1959-1962

Buy from Red Skelton Unreleased  is a fairly different DVD collection of  The Red Skelton Show  in several respects.   It is digitally remastered, unlike most of the  Red Skelton  DVD collections out there.   It is also authorized by the Red Skelton estate.   It also contains a  lot  of episodes of The Red Skelton Show  – sixteen episodes in all, as well three full-length color episodes from Red’s final year on broadcast TV, as well as a taping of one of Red’s live shows.

The Red Skelton Hour: In Color: Unreleased SeasonsTable of contents for  Red Skelton Unreleased

Volume 1 of  Red Skelton Unreleased

  • Cauliflower Loses His Birds: Guest Starring: Vincent Price
  • Appleby’s Bearded Boarder: Guest Starring: John Carradine and Marie Windsor
  • Clem’s General Store: Guest Starring: Jayne Mansfield, Jamie Farr and Jesse White
  • Deadeye the Outlaw:Guest Starring: Mickey Rooney

Volume II of  Red Skelton Unreleased

  • Best Man Blues: Guest Starring: Dick Foran and Maria Palmer
  • Appleby’s Office Party: Guest Starring: Marilyn Maxwell & Harvey Korman
  • San Fernando Cal: Guest Starring: Mary Beth Hughes
  • Clem and the Beanstalk: Guest starring Mamie Van Doren and Peter Lorre

Volume III of  Red Skelton Unreleased

Volume IV

  • San Fernando Loses the Dixie Queen: Guest Starring: Cesar Romero
  • Appleby the Weatherman: Guest Starring: Peter Lorre
  • Bolivar and the Roaring ’20s: Guest Starring: Barbara Nichols and Gerald Mohr
  • Deadeye the Magician: Guest Starring: Vincent Price and Marie Windsor

Free Bonus DVD’S

Bonus 1 – Full length color shows!

Good Night and Good Bless – 3 Shows

  • Episode #1 Guest Starring: Jill St. John
  • Episode #2 Guest Starring: Phyllis Diller
  • Episode #3 Guest Starring: Jerry Lewis

Bonus 2 – Rare Live Footage!

  • Live at the Nugget Hotel in Sparks – and Pledge of Allegiance

Product description of  Red Skelton Unreleased

Enjoy sixteen full episodes and two bonus discs packed with hours of outrageous entertainment and gut busting humor from  Red Skeleton, America’s favorite clown Prince. Released for the first time since they aired live nearly forty years ago, episodes I-IV showcase endearing moments with some of Hollywood’s greatest legends including Mickey Rooney, Jayne Mansfield, Cesar Romero, and more.