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The Red Skelton Show season 8

A second turkey dinner for Freddie the Freeloader

The Red Skelton Show season 8 rolls on with its 30-minute format, still in black and white, with a bevy of guest stars and Red Skelton’s many characters.

The Red Skelton Show season 8 episode guide

Freddie and the World Series Ticket

September 1958

Freddie the Freeloader, with Liberace

Clem and the Satellite

October 7, 1958

Clem Kadiddlehopper with John Carradine

Bolivar – the Quiz Champ

October 14, 1958

Bolivar Shagnasty with Barbara Nichols

Freddie and the Election

October 21, 1958

Freddie the Freeloader, with Ann Rutherford. Can Freddie win an election? Should he?

Freddie and the Election - The Red Skelton Show, Season 8

Clem Sings

October 28, 1958

Clem Kadiddlehopper, with Rudy Vallee

Appleby Goes Hunting

November 11, 1958

George Appleby, with Marilyn Maxwell

Deadeye, the Indian Scout

November 18, 1958

Deadeye in a spoof of “Wagon Train“, with Lorraine Bendix, Vanessa Brown

Freddie and the Turkey Dinner

November 25, 1958

Freddie the Freeloader, with William Frawley. What will Freddie do to get a free turkey dinner?

William Frawley throws Freddie the Freeloader out of the Elite Restaurant

Valentine Day’s Double Date

December 2, 1958

Bolivar Shagnasty with Joanne Dru

Clem, the Interior Decorator

December 16, 1958

Clem Kadiddlehopper with Jan Arvan, Diane Crawford

San Fernando in Alaska

January 6, 1959

San Fernando Red with Edie Adam

Munson’s Red Herring or Freddie and the Spies

January 13, 1959

Freddie the Freeloader in a spy caper, with Richard Deacon and Edward Everett Horton

Professor Munson (Richard Deacon) and Freddie the Freeloader (Red Skelton)

Bashful Clem

January 20, 1959

Clem Kadiddlehopper with Jan Arvan, Kathryn Card

Appleby and the Ice Man

January 27, 1959

George Appleby, with Lon Chaney Jr. and Jan Arvan

Cauliflower and the Kidnappers

February 3, 1959

Cauliflower Mcpugg with Lee Aaker

Clem and the Merry Widow

February 10, 1959

Clem Kadiddlehopper against a con artist and his beautiful assistant

Freddie Gets a Job

February 17, 1959

Freddie the Freeloader with Mona Freeman

Clem in Miami Beach

March 3, 1959

Clem Kadiddlehopper with Jack Boyle, Keefe Brasselle

San Fernando Loses the Dixie Queen

March 10, 1959

San Fernando Red, with Morris Ankrum

Humphrey School of Dramatic Arts

March 17, 1959

Clem Kadiddlehopper with Stanley Adams

Freddie’s Hideout

March 24, 1959

Freddie the Freeloader, with Phil Arnold and Leonard Bremen

George’s Band

March 31, 1959

George Appleby with Mickey Rooney, Mary Beth Hughes

Cookie in Japan

April 7, 1959

Cookie the Sailor, with Nobu McCarthy, Jackie Coogan

Deadeye and Slim Jim

April 14, 1959

Deadeye with John Carradine

Appleby’s Formula

April 21, 1959

George Appleby with Marilyn Maxwell

The Picnic

April 28, 1959

repeat from 6/12/1956

Freddie’s Mothers Day

May 5, 1959

Freddie the Freeloader, with Dick Foran, Don Wilson

Rapid Growth

May 12, 1959

Clem Kadiddlehopper with Olive Brasno

San Fernando, the Swami

May 19, 1959

San Fernando Red, with Wanda Hendrix

Appleby, the Witness

May 26, 1959

George Appleby, with Audrey Totter

Freddie the Singer

June 2, 1959

Freddie the Freeloader becomes a singing sensation? With Frank McHugh

Cauliflower Goes to Hollywood or Vinnie the P

June 9, 1959

Cauliflower McPugg, in a Hollywood movie? Training Vincent Price how to box?