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Red Skelton – The Lost Episodes

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Red Skelton - The Lost Episodes - DVD collection

Red Skelton – The Lost Episodes – DVD collection

Buy from In short, Red Skelton – The Lost Episodes is a compilation of six episodes of the Red Skelton  Show. It features four of Red’s popular clown characters.

Cauliflower McPugg

Cauliflower McPugg, Red’€™s punch-drunk boxing character, is hired by Vincent Price.  Cauliflower’s hired to teach him how to be a boxer in preparation for an upcoming film.   Vincent Price had a true gift for comedy and shows it here.  He plays a prissy, spoiled actor, who loses his girlfriend to CauliFlower McPugg.  He’s determined to show him up, ending in a very funny boxing match, where Cauliflower is … at a disadvantage.

Clem Kadiddlehopper

Red Skelton - the Lost Episodes

Clem Kadiddlehopper makes a visit to the mythical town of Dogpatch, visiting the cast of the comic strip  Li’€™l Abner.   He is used by Daisy Mae in an attempt to make Li €™l Abner jealous.  Favorite line: Daisy Mae asks Clem if he would like hominy grits.  Clem answers, “How many grits? Oh, four or five would be enough, I guess.”

Freddy the Freeloader

A bank robber stumbles upon Freddy the Freeloader’s shack at the garbage dump.   The robber and his crew move in, using the shack as their hideout while planning their next bank heist.   Many memorable moments, including Freddy attempting to drive the getaway car, illegally parking in front of a fire hydrant and the interchange between Freddy and the Irish police officer.

San Fernando Red

A very funny episode, where the con man San Fernando Red is on the run for selling fake furs. He’s accompanied by his accomplice Ruby (played by Amanda Blake, of Gunsmoke fame).  He manages to blackmail the mayor (Billy Gilbert) and starts bleeding the town dry.  Favorite line, as corrupt politicians start pouring out containers of money: “Hey! Some of that belongs to the city!”  As San Fernando Red puts a single dollar bill in the city’s coffers.

A parody of The Honeymooners

A unique, funny parody of  The Honeymooners with Peter Lorre.  Peter Lorre acts like an Addams Family-version of Ralph Kramden. Red Skelton plays an interesting version of Art Carney‘s character, Ed Norton.  Favorite line: “Ralph’s” wife asks him how bad traffic was. Peter Lorre replies, “My hearse was moving so slow, my passenger almost got out and walked!”