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Red Skelton – The Farewell Specials

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Red Skelton - The Farewell Specials

Red Skelton – The Farewell Specials

In short, Red Skelton – The Farewell Specials is a collection of several of Red’s performances from his later years, including some of my personal favorites:

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Red Skelton - The Farewell Specials
Red Skelton – The Farewell Specials

The classic comedy of legendary funny man Red Skelton lives on in this hysterical collection!

I’m nuts and I know it. But so long as I make em laugh, they ain t going to put me away. Red Skelton

Forever know as one of the ultimate family entertainers, Red Skelton s legendary comedic characters have left viewers in stitches for over 50 years! Red s zany, unexpected and classically hilarious crowing performances are celebrated in this compellation of Red s farewell specials.


Freddie The Freeloader s Christmas Dinner A touching, music-filled holiday tale featuring Vincent Price and Imogene Coca with plenty of laughs for the whole family.

More Funny Faces Skelton is joined by world-renowned mime artist Marcel Marceau in recreating some of Red s funniest routines and exciting new skits.

Funny Faces III Packed with laughter and memorable characters, this special features Red in more hilarious sketches and pantomime.

A Royal Command Performance America s wackiest court jester gets silly with Britain s royal family at London s Royal Albert Hall.