The Red Skelton Hour season 17 [episode guide]

He Who Steals My Dump Steals Trash, with Freddie the Freeloader and George Gobel

The Red Skelton Show season 17 (1967-1968) – Red Skelton‘s variety show continues, with a wide variety of guest stars and singers, with the Silent Spot, classic bits, corny jokes

Air DateEpisode NameNotes
September 5, 1967For Better or Worse Like George Appleby Gotwith Eve Arden, Robert Stack
September 12, 1967The Seven Ages of Manwith Maurice EvansThe Seven Ages of Man, The Red Skelton Hour, with Maurice Evans, season 17, originally aired September 12, 1967
September 19, 1967Saddle Sores on the Old Corralwith Stanley HollowayStanley Holloway as Deadeye's long-lost brother in Saddle Sores on the Old Corral
September 26, 1967The Spy with the Leaky Mouth
October 3, 1967Where There’s Smoke, There’s a Dragonwith Bert LahrBert Lahr stars as King Fould-Up in Where There's Smoke, There's a Dragon
October 10, 1967A Spy is a Peeping Tom on Salarywith Fernando LamasA Spy is Peeping Tom on Salary
October 17, 1967Clothes Make the Bumwith Terry-Thomas and Nancy WilsonFreddie the Freeloader with Terry-Thomas and Nancy Wilson in Clothes Make the Bum
October 24, 1967A New York Stripper Is Not Always a Steakwith John Forsythe, Michelle Lee
October 31, 1967Hippie Days Are Here Againwith Tim Conway, Jackie Coogan, Nancy AmesHippie Days Are Here Again with Tim Conway, Jackie Coogan, Nancy Ames
November 7, 1967The Bear Was A Barefaced Liarwith Wally Cox
November 14, 1967Climb Upon My Knee, Dummy Boywith Vincent Price, Dionne WarwickPa Kadiddlehopper (Jan Arvan), his idiot son Clem (Red Skelton), and Dr. Flygrabber (Vincent Price) at the Kadiddlehopper farm in "Climb Upon My Knee, Dummy Boy"
November 21, 1967Red’s Relativeswith Pat Carroll, Polly BergenGeorge Appleby in Red's Relatives
November 28, 1967Little Old Rainmaker, Hewith Arthur Godfrey
December 5, 1967He Who Steals My Dump Steals Trashwith George GobelHe Who Steals My Dump Steals Trash, with Freddie the Freeloader and George Gobel
December 12, 1967Marriage Is Made in Heaven and Las Vegaswith Milton Berle
December 19, 1967A Christmas Urchinwith Milton Berle
January 9, 1968When East Meets West, You Need A New Compasswith Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
January 16, 1968Red Skelton One-Man Show
January 23, 1968Dial ‘M’ for Moronwith Phyllis Diller and Lou RawlsPhyllis Diller in Dial 'M' for Moron
January 30, 1968Fairy Tales for Old Childrenwith Jane Powell, Cyril RitchardWitch puts Junior to sleep instead
February 6, 1968Love Is An Itch You Can’t Scratch
February 13, 1968Sheriffs Are Bought Not Madewith Burl Ives and LuluBurl Ives and Deadeye in Sheriffs Are Bought Not Made
February 20, 1968Cauliflower Ears that Bloom in the Spring, Tra-Lawith Shari Wallis and Terry-Thomas
February 27, 1968Laughter, the Universal Language
March 5, 1968I Never Met a Pig I Didn’t Likewith Liberace
March 12, 1968Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of George Applebywith Mike Connors, Emmaline Henry, Tom JonesEmmaline Henry, Mike Connors, George Appleby in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of George Appleby
March 19, 1968San Fernando, A Man With A Heart of Stolen Goldwith Eddy Arnold, Pat Priest, Reta Shaw
March 26, 1968The Pie-Eyed Piperwith Joe E. Ross, Pat Carroll
April 2, 1968The Love Bug’ll Getcha If You Don’t Use DDTwith Jack Jones
April 23, 1968The Julius Caesar Caperwith Mickey Rooney
April 30, 1968Rings on Her Fingers Also Go Through Your Nosewith Nipsey RussellGorilla with George Appleby in Rings on Her Fingers Also Go Through Your Nose