The Red Skelton Hour season 16

The Red Skelton Hour: In Color: Unreleased Seasons

The Red Skelton Hour season 16 (1966-1967) – Red Skelton‘s variety show continues in color, with a wide variety of guest stars and singers, with the Silent Spot, classic bits, corny jokes

Air DateEpisode NameNotes
September 13, 1966How to Succeed in Loafing Without Really Tryingwith Gig Young, Johnny Rivers, Freddie the FreeloaderHow to Succeed in Loafing Without Really Trying begins with Freddie the Freeloader & Mugsy breaking into a schoolhouse, to find a place to sleep for the night
September 20, 1966Eenie Meenie Minee Schmowith Mickey Rooney, Simon and Garfunkel, Clem KadiddlehopperClem Kadiddlehopper as the Swami of Las Vegas, and Mickey Rooney as Mickey the Loser, in Eenie Meenie Minee Schmo
September 27, 1966Chiseler on the Roofwith Jackie Coogan, Nancy Ames, San Fernando RedNeeda Hubby (Nancy Ames) with Sidney (Jackie Coogan) and San Fernando Red (Red Skelton) in "Chiseler on the Roof"
October 4, 1966Much Ado About Naggingwith Godfrey Cambridge, Emmaline Henry, George ApplebyGeorge gets his tie stuck in a model's zipper - and Clara suspects the worst! "Much Ado About Nagging"
October 11, 1966Mother Knows Pestwith Audrey Meadows, Junior the Mean Little KidMrs. Cavendish (Audrey Meadows), Junior (Red Skelton), and the ship captain in Mother Knows Pest
October 18, 1966The Land of Bilk and Moneywith Robert Vaughn, Joyce Jamison, DeadeyeSheriff Deadeye and Hip van Winkle meet crusader Victor Virtue in "The Land of Bilk and Money"
October 25, 1966It Happened One Nutwith Polly Bergen, Clem KadiddlehopperCrash goes the piano lid, Clem Kadiddlehopper screams "Soey!" in pain - ""It Happened One Nut"
November 1, 1966What Did You Do in the Dump, Daddy?with Frank Gorshin
November 15, 1966A Gyp Off the Old Blockwith Tim Conway
November 22, 1966The Best Sheriff Money Can Buywith Jack Jones
November 29, 1966Jerk Be Nimblewith Vito Scotti, Janet Leigh, Dionne Warwick
December 6, 1966Better Dead than Wedwith Allen Funt, Abbe Lane, George ApplebyAllen Funt masquerades as a buyer, Abbe Lane as his sweet, young, innocent niece, and George Appleby as the target in "Better Dead than Wed"
December 13, 1966The Fastest Cuspidor in the Westwith Robert GouletThe Fastest Cuspidor in the West
December 20, 1966The Christmas Spiritwith Greer Garson
December 27, 1966The Taming of the Screw-Loosewith Tony Randall
January 3, 1967In One Hand and Out the Otherwith Peter Falk
January 10, 1967How You Gonna Keep ‘Em Down in the Dump?with Bob Crane, John BannerBob Crane as Colonel Hogan, escaping from Stalag 13 in "How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down in the Dump"
January 17, 1967The Fortune Crookiewith Barbara McNair, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson
January 24, 1967Absence Makes the Hate Grow Fonderwith Eve ArdenClara Appleby (Eve Arden) hits her husband George (Red.Skelton)) in "Absence Makes the Hate Grow Fonder"
January 31, 1967Sappiness is Just a Thing Called Clemwith Merv Griffen, the Youngfolk
February 7, 1967Better Living Through Chiselingwith Edie Adams
February 14, 1967Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Dumbwith George GobelGeorge Gobel as Christopher Columbus in Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Dumb
February 28, 1967Not with My Dump You Don’twith Terry-ThomasTerry-Thomas and Freddie the Freeloader in Not with My Dump You Don't
March 7, 1967Parlor, Bedroom & Wrathwith Mickey Rooney and Martha RayeMartha Raye and Mickey Rooney in Parlor, Bedroom & Wrath
March 14, 1967The Schnook of Arabywith Cesar Romero
March 21, 1967It’s a Treat to Beat a Cheat on the Mississippi Mudwith Richard ChamberlainSan Fernando Red and Richard Chamberlain in It's a Treat to Beat a Cheat on the Mississippi Mud
March 28, 1967A Bum For All Seasonswith Cliff Robertson
April 4, 1967Next Time, Try the Brainwith Tennessee Ernie FordClem Kadiddlehopper and Tennesssee Ernie Ford in Next Time, Try the Brain
April 25, 1967Loused in Spacewith June Lockhart
May 2, 1967Once Upon a Duncewith Patrice Munsel
May 9, 1967The Nag and Iwith Nipsey RussellNipsey Russell and George Appleby in The Nag and I