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Red Skelton’s Farewell

The time has come to say good night,
My how time does fly.
We €™ve had a laugh, perhaps a tear,
and now we hear good-bye.

I really hate to say good night,
for times like these are few.
I wish you love and happiness,
In everything you do.

The time has come to say good night,
I hope I €™ve made a friend.
And so we €™ll say €œMay God bless you, €
Until we meet again.

€“  Red Skelton

8 thoughts on “Red Skelton’s Farewell

  1. Jimmy says:

    There will never be another Red Skelton ,He made us laugh and cry with out the four letter words. Except for maybe one LOVE ,you will always be missed by many ,dear friend

  2. richard says:

    i wish i could have seen him live just once.now they just use those four letter words i guess because thet cant think of anyother words to use

    1. tammy says:

      do you know a link that you can listen to the farewell?

      1. tfraymond says:

        I’ve got it on some VHS or DVD’s, but I don’t have a quick link … I’ll see what I can find.

  3. Jeffrey C says:

    Do you know who owns the rights to that quote?? I would love to be able to get permission to use it in a Documentary…

  4. LiesAwake says:

    I believe (and thought it was a fact) that I once heard Mr Skelton explain why he said “May God Bless”, instead of another variation on that. Does anybody out there remember that?

  5. Bobbi Patterson says:

    many years ago (of course) Red did a sketch of the Old man in Washington, DC. Does anyone remember it, and can anyone tell me where it might be found?

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