The Agony and the Nag-Ony

The Agony and the Nag-ony - Vincent Price as Dr. Sigmund Fraud, Red Skelton as George Appleby

The Agony and the Nag-Ony with Vincent Price – The Red Skelton Hour season 15, originally aired January 25, 1966

In The Agony and the Nag-Ony, henpecked George Appleby tries to drive his wife (Shirley Mitchell) insane with the help of crooked “door-to-door Psychiatrist” Dr. Sigmund Fraud (Vincent Price).

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Red pantomimes an encounter between a prospector and a rattlesnake.

The Agony and the Nag-Ony Act I

Door-to-door psychiatrist Sigmund Fraud (Vincent Price) comes knocking at George Appleby’s door. And George gets the idea to have him drive Clara insane!

The Agony and the Nag-Ony Act II

The Agony and the Nag-ony - Vincent Price as Dr. Sigmund Fraud, Red Skelton as George Appleby

The Agony and the Nag-Ony Act III

Clara decides to turn the tables on George …

Clara: How much is George paying you to drive me crazy?
Dr. Sigmund Fraud: 25 dollars.
Clara: Switch sides to me, and I’ll double that 25 dollars!
Dr. Sigmund Fraud: Wow! 35 dollars!

And the skit ends with George, dressed in a giant butterfly outfit, being chased by men from a sanitarium into the audience!

Classic Red Skelton Sketch – Weepy

Weepy gets interviewed about the lousy football team he coaches.

Interviewer: You played a girls’ team?
Weepy: Those were the dirtiest players I’ve ever seen! One of them throw one my my player’s legs into the stands! The audience cheered, “He gained a yard!” No, he lost a foot!

Skelton Scrapbook – The Bouncer, starring Cauliflower McPugg

Cauliflower talks to his friend, “Granulated” Robinson. He then interacts with the musicians. While he’s gone, the band plays a very energetic number.

Musician: Solid, man!
Cauliflower McPugg: I used to be, but I’m getting kinda flabby.

He then interacts with a couple that came for the dance. He finally goes in to deal with a tough guy at the dance, and gets thrown out.

Red and Vincent Price on stage

Vincent promises to sell Red Skelton a rare painting — Whistler’s Father.

Red: Whistler’s father? I didn’t know he had one!
Vincent Price: What do you think she did her whole life, sit in that chair?

Vincent shows Red the “painting” – and Red asks him to prove that it’s authentic. On cue, the “painting” whistles!

The Silent Spot – The Composer

Red vainly seeks solitude so he can write his next masterpiece. The cabin that he rented (sight unseen) give “ramshackle” aa bad name. But I did enjoy the bear in the refrigerator … who soon comes to visit! And soon after, the poor bear’s being chased by a hunter! The table’s soon turned,d as the bear chases the hunter with a rifle! All of which serves to inspired Red. If only his piano hadn’t collapsed!