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(Editor’s note: originally published in The Ogden Standard-Examiner, October 27, 1940)

Red Skelton’ Trial Film May Make Money for Hís Studio

By Paul Harrison
NEA Service Staff

HOLLYWOOD – the busiest strip of film in the whole film capital is a Metro screen test of Comedian Red Skelton.  It won him a job weeks ago and he has already finished his role as a fellow aviator with Bob Taylor in “Flight Command“.  But that initial test keeps reeling along.

Executive invite friends to see it.  Other studios borrow it for laughs.  M-G-M is considering issuing it as a short.  The tall young redhead was allowed to do anything he chose, so he put on a one-man vaudeville program highlighted by satirical impressions of various movie heroes dying.

Watching the well-timed pantomime and neckfalls, I felt pretty sure Red Skelton must have had some training in burlesque.  And so he had, but he got it in lots of other places too — in every form of show business, actually except grand opera and carnivals.