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I Dood It – funny movie quotes

I Dood It! (1943) starring  Red Skelton, Eleanor Powell

Funny movie quotes from  I Dood It!(1943) starring  Red Skelton, Eleanor Powell

Kenneth Cawlor (Thurston Hall): No crashing the gates of Paradise, young man. In the vernacular, where’s your ticket?
Joe Renolds (Red Skelton): Sorry, here you go.
Kenneth Cawlor (Thurston Hall): Wait a moment, this ticket is for coffee – We’re selling sugar!

Joe Renolds (Red Skelton): She kissed me … right in the USO Bazaar.

Ed Jackson (Sam Levene): Joe, if what’s running through my mind is running through yours, I swear I €™ll whip you to within an inch of your life!
Joe Renolds (Red Skelton): And you can do it, too!

Joe Renolds (Red Skelton): If I do I get a whippin’ … I dood it!

Joe Renolds (Red Skelton): Boy, that Jimmy Dorsey really €™s got a band, hasn’t he?
Tommy Dorsey: Yeah.
Joe Renolds (Red Skelton): Oh boy, what a brass section, what arrangement!
third man: Hey, did you ever hear his brother, Tommy?
Joe Renolds (Red Skelton): Oh, sure, too many fiddles, though.   There’s a guy that €™s solid murder.
Tommy Dorsey: I like Bob Hope, too.

Man at table: If anything happens to that suit …
Man €™s wife: You €™ll get another with the money from the insurance company.

Joe Renolds (Red Skelton): [after €˜drinking €™ from an empty glass] Mighty dry wine, wasn €™t it?

Annette (Butterfly McQueen): Uh-oh, here it comes.