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Red Skelton’s wife to seek divorce …

Edna Stillwell Skelton

Red Skelton’s wife to seek divorce: continues to write his gags

Red Skelton’s wife to seek divorce – an article first published in the Warsaw Daily Union on December 30, 1942, dealing with Red’s first wife, Edna, filing for divorce

(by United Press)

Hollywood, Dec. 29 — Edna Skelton, manager, gag-writer and wife of Red Skelton, the screen and radio comedian, accused her husband of cruelty today in a divorce suit.

Without detailing her charge, Mrs. Skelton said that she could work with her husband but that she couldn’t continue living with him because of his cruelty.

They separated last Sept. 22, she said. The were married June 1, 1931, at Kansas City, Mo.

She said they had agreed on division of property and that Skelton had provided for alimony payments.

At the time of their separation, Mrs. Skelton announced she had decided that she would have to either give up her duties as a wife or as a manager.

“I decided to manage him,” she said.