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Freddie and the Election

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Freddie and the Election - The Red Skelton Show, Season 8

Freddie and the Election, with Ann Rutherford – The Red Skelton Show, Season 8, originally aired October 21, 1958

Freddie and the Election – can Freddie the Freeloader win an honest and fair election? Not if his opponent has anything to say about it!


  • Around this time of year, there’s only two things to talk about, Halloween or the election. Any way you look at it, you’re gonna talk about pumpkin heads.
  • I remember one year, my mother put a pumpkin in the window, and before she could get it out, they sent it to Congress.
  • I shouldn’t talk about politicians and pumpkins like that. And at this time, I would sincerely like to apologize to all the pumpkins.


  • Say this year, you know, now that we have Alaska as a new state, this is really going to be unusual because there’ll be a lot of congressmen from Alaska. When they get to Washington they’re gonna be in trouble. You see, they’re used to cold air.
  • I said to a Texan the other day, I said, “What do you think about Alaska being part of the United States now?” He said, “Oh, we don’t mind at all. We can use that ice for our martinis.”

Red then does a very funny pantomime about different people going into the election booth to cast their vote.

Freddie and the Election

Freddie the Freeloader is sleeping in the shack at the city dump. However, he’s awakened by his hobo pals, as a rain storm is washing their various homes in the dump away. In the morning, since they’re voters, they go to talk to their councilman. But he has no time for the dirty bums, and throws them all out! Which gives them the idea of having Freddie to run for council!

A lady reporter smells a human interest story, and she shows up at Freddie’s shack to interview him. There, Freddie’s hobo pals are “helping” with his campaign. And in the meanwhile, the councilman plans to do some dirty tricks …

While Freddie the Freeloader is speaking at a park (to a group of children), the groundskeeper has to mow right now — over Freddie’s foot! Then, the firefighters arrive to put out the fire? There’s no fire? The police arrest Freddie for a false fire alarm! Off to jail!

In jail, the reporter continues to interview Freddie — who’s popularity has gone through the roof, due to the reporter pointing out the councilman’s dirty tricks. But Freddie realizes, and tells the audience, that he’s not the best candidate. The female reporter, with a degree in political science and her concern for the community, is! He asks everyone to vote for her, while he & Mugsy walk out the jail cell, ending the sketch.

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