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Rock-a-Bye Baby

Red Skelton bouncing the baby on his knee *very* energetically in Rock-A-Bye Baby

Rock-a-Bye Baby – The Red Skelton Show – a series of sketches dealing with a young couple & baby, embarrassing moments, gangster deaths …

Rock-a-Bye BabyThe Red Skelton Show season 1, originally aired January 27, 1952

Red appears in several sketches without his standard characters. In one skit, Red demonstrates how different people make a speech, including the president of a hunting lodge to his membership and a political campaign rally.

Next, Red displays how cowboys and gangsters die in the movies.

Red Skelton imitating a gangster death scene in "Rock-A-Bye Baby"

Skelton Film Scrapbook – Rock-A-Bye Baby

Red displays how a couple and their relatives should react to a first baby. Then, with the exact same dialog, how they actually respond to the child. Which is quite funny …. Especially when the baby doll’s leg pops off! “It couldn’t have hurt – he’s not even bleeding!” As often happens in Season 1, it’s a (very funny) Tide commercial.

Embarrassing moments

Red and Lucy Knoch demonstrate various embarrassing moments, such as:

  • A young couple having difficulty parting
  • A shy man bringing his date home — and asking to put his arms around her! After all, they’ve only been dating for three years …
  • A sailor trying to get a kiss from his girl. Whom he’s known for roughly 10 minutes!


  • Saint Louis Blues performed by The Skylarks

Cast of characters

  • Red Skelton (Whistling in the Dark) … Self – Host
  • David Rose and His Orchestra … Themselves
  • Lucille Knoch (Executive Suite) … Self – Girl in ‘Couples’ Sketches
  • Bob LeMond … Self – Announcer (voice)
  • Pat McGeehan … Self – Announcer
  • The Skylarks … Themselves – Guest Vocalists