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The Red Skelton Scrapbook 66 [Red Skelton Show]

Willy Lump Lump washing the elephant

The Red Skelton Scrapbook 66 – The Red Skelton Hour, season 15, originally aired March 1, 1966

In The Red Skelton Scrapbook 66, Red Skelton reprises several of his most beloved routines, including ‘Dunking Doughnuts’. The second annual Red Skeltop Scrapbook is hosted by Red’s friend John Wayne. And Red teases his friend with jokes about Duke, and how they first met.

monologue | The Silent Spot | Quick Blackout | Ballet | Dunking Doughnuts | John Wayne on courting | Upside Down Room

Opening monologue

The Silent Spot – The Elopement

The Silent Spot - The Elopement - a hilarious pantomime that has to be seen to be appreciated

Red plays the part of a bachelor in the 1890’s courting his lady love (Chanin Hale), But her father doesn’t approve. It’s frankly hilarious! Wonderful slapstick humor, where he keeps running afoul of the father, a chubby neighbor (Peggy Rea), the local police …

The Quick Blackout comedy

Quick Blackout - the elephant gun

For those who don’t know, in vaudeville, very short comedy bits, normally 1 minute long, were called “quick blackouts”. These include:

  • The elephant gun.
  • Red plays a man at a bar, having “one for the road”.
  • Red plays Thomas Alva Edison, trying to perfect his great invention.
  • A short, but hilarious bit, as a kettledrum player.
  • A brilliant mathematician. “What a brain, what a brain!”
  • Take one spoonful in water.

Spectre of the Rose

Spectre of the Rose - mixing ballet with comedy, doing credit to both

Red spoofs Michael Fokine’s ballet. Spectre of the Rose, with Roberta Lubbell. It’s equal parts touching and hilarious, as Red plays the spirit of her lost love. With a bad case of allergies!

Dunking Doughnuts

Red Skelton doing his famous Dunking Doughnuts routine

Red has done the Dunking Doughnuts routine many times, in vaudeville, on screen, and on his television show. But never funnier than here! It’s literally laugh out loud funny!

Red and John Wayne on stage

John Wayne hosting for The Red Skelton Scrapbook 66

John Wayne gives Red tips on how to court a beautiful girl, Western style. With the help of the lovely Chanin Hale; who gets to slap Red twice!

Upside Down Room

Red Skelton, as Willy Lump Lump, in the topsy turvy room in The Red Skelton Scrapbook 66

One of Red’s classic — and expensive to produce — routines. The perpetually inebriated Willie Lump-Lump‘s wife (Chanin Hale) has decided to teach him a lesson. She’s hired someone (Ray Kellogg) to modify a room. So, it looks like Willie’s sleeping on the wall! And everything is 90 degrees off! There’s a reason that Red included this in his movie, The Clown.