Willie Comes Home [Red Skelton Show]

Willie Comes Home - The Red Skelton Show season 2

Willie Comes Home, The Red Skelton Show season 2, originally aired September 28, 1952

Red Skelton stars as Willie Lump-Lump and Cauliflower McPugg, with Benny Rubin. Willie comes home from vacation, and things are … overgrown

Monologue and pantomime


  • On vacation, Little Richard asks: “Hey, what is them long fuzzy things that’s got thousands of legs on ’em, and they got big fans sticking out like that?” I says, “I don’t know.” He says, “Neither do I, but there’s one crawling up your back right now.”
  • Little Richard (supposedly) tells a tall tale from vacation to a friend, now that he’s back home, about a grizzly bear.
  • Red Skelton and David Rose tell a joke about a Texan wanting a drink:
    • Red (as Deadeye) [to the bartender] Say, pardner, I’ll have a martini, make it very dry.
    • David Rose: All right.
    • Deadeye: Make it with three quarts of gin and one quart of vermouth. On second thought, make it real dry. Make that three quarts of gin and a half a quart of vermouth.
    • David Rose: Well, can I put a twist of lemon peel in?
    • Deadeye: Look, pardner, if I wanted lemonade, I’d have ordered it.
  • Then, Red demonstrates how different people watch TV.
  • Red Skelton imitates the behavior of different people at the beach.

Skelton Film Scrapbook

Benny Rubin and Cauliflower McPug (Red Skelton) on the baseball diamond in a Tide commercial

McPug at Bat features punch-drunk boxer Cauliflower McPug trying his hand as a baseball player. But the umpire Benny Rubin keeps flubbing his lines, cracking up the entire cast! Eventually, they manage to turn it into a Tide commercial.

Willie Comes Home - The Red Skelton Show season 2

Willie Comes Home displays Willie Lump-Lump and his wife returning home from a trip. Clearly, a long trip, since their yard’s overgrown like a jungle. As is the house! And he forget to cancel the milk delivery. [For the younger people: yes, once upon a time, milkmen actually delivered milk to your house]

Cast of characters

  • David Rose
  • Lucy Knoch … Baseball Fan
  • Shirley Mitchell … Baseball Fan, Willie’s wife
  • Gil Perkins … Catcher
  • Benny Rubin … Baseball Umpire