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Leave Arm in Arm

Edna Stillwell Skelton

Leave Arm in Arm – Red Skelton, ex-Wife, Still Together After Court Gives Divorce

(originally printed in the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, February 12, 1943)

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 12 – Edna Marie Skelton on Thursday divorced Richard (Red) Skelton, the comedian, and then left the Hall of Justice on the arm of her erstwhile husband.  “I just hung around to see that she got along all right,” Red explained.

Mrs. Skelton indicated one of Skelton’s gags didn’t strike her as funny.  That was when he came home early in the morning, and, asked for an explanation of his tardiness, responded that he had been waiting for a traffic signal to change, Mrs. Skelton told the court.

The Skeltons were married June 1, 1931.  They separated last September 22.