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Appleby’s Predictions [Red Skelton Show]

Appleby's Predictions - Clara gets wealthy off George Appleby's predictions

Appleby’s PredictionsThe Red Skelton Show, season 10, with Vivian Vance, originally aired October 4, 1960

Appleby’s PredictionsGeorge Appleby successfully predicts the World Series. His wife is making a fortune off a bookie with his flawless predictions.

Since this episode was telecast during the World Series, Red tells several baseball jokes in his opening monologue. He also pantomimes a little boy throwing pitches to a little old man.

Act I

George and Clara Appleby eat breakfast, as George begins predicting each play of the baseballl game - Appleby's Predictions

After some physical abuse from his wife Clara (Vivian Vance), while they eat, George starts predicting each play as they listen to a baseball game on the radio. George explains that he dreams every play of the game in his dreams the night before. So, she sends him to bed early to dream about tomorrow’s game.

Appleby's Predictions - Clara bankrupts the bookie

After a moment of prop comedy with the refrigerator, they go to bed. After playing around, George falls asleep, and starts “broadcasting” the game. The following day, Clara finds a bookie, and starts placing bets … Bankrupting the poor bookies! And she threatens to come back tomorrow!

Act II

Appleby's Predictions - George Appleby predicts snow …

George Appleby walks into the house, and hears Clara bragging about him … So he thinks he must be in the wrong house! However, the bookie has tracked Clara down, and wants “a piece of the action”. Soon, the two of them are trying to get George to go to sleep … with the aid of sleeping pills. Leading to some funny prop comedy! Then George predicts that the game will be called off on account of … snow! In Los Angeles. In October. And … he’s right!