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Marriage Is Made in Heaven and Las Vegas

Nutty Nougat (Milton Berle) impersonating the missing Clara Appleby

Marriage Is Made in Heaven and Las Vegas – The Red Skelton Hour, with Milton Berle – George Appleby needs him to impersonate his wife, when the boss comes to visit his home that night!

Marriage Is Made in Heaven and Las VegasThe Red Skelton Hour season 17, with Milton Berle – originally aired December 12, 1967

Act I

Sneaking into work when he’s late — again — George Appleby is working at Happy Marriage magazine, with his co-worker Nutty Nougat (Milton Berle). Who’s hiding in the file cabinet as a prank. Then, their boss (James Millhollin) announces that he’s going to visit one of their homes that night, so see for himself that they’re happily married. And George “wins!”

Then, George’s wife Clara comes in to confiscate his “measly” paycheck — and after a moment’s banter, she leaves him to go home to mother! So, what will George do that night?

Act II

That night at the Appleby home, Nutty Nougat (Milton Berle in drag) impersonates the missing Clara Appleby, to fool their boss! And there’s a lot of slapstick and verbal comedy …. And the boss wants them to kiss! Then, Clara unexpectedly returns from her mother’s! And soon, both George and Nutty are fired, ending the sketch.

Classic Red Skelton

One-Minute Dramas

  • On Stage – Read the introduction I wrote
  • Reflexes – who has better reflexes, the husband or the wife?
  • The Convention – they’ve got topless waitresses here?
  • The Big Dam – The Governor’s going to nail a solid gold plaque to the brand new dam. What could go wrong?

Silent Spot

Santa Claus (Red) tries to negotiate an extremely slippery rooftop.


  • Dusty Springfield sings, ‘The Look of Love‘ and ‘Sunny.’
  • The Tom Hansen Dancers perform ‘Golden Earrings.’

Cast of characters