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Christmas with Red Skelton – DVD

Christmas with Red Skelton, featuring €The Cop and the Anthem and Freddie and the Yuletide Doll featuring Freddie the Freeloader

Buy from Amazon.com The title, “Christmas with Red Skelton,” could perhaps have been “Christmas with Freddie the Freeloader.”  On this DVD are two Christmas episodes of The Red Skelton Show, both featuring Red Skelton’s hobo character, Freddie the Freeloader.   Both are absolute classics.

The Cop and the Anthem” is based on a famous story by O. Henry, with Red Skelton’s Freddie the Freeloader trying unsuccessfully to get arrested, in order to have a warm place to spend the winter.   “30 days hath September, April, June, and Freddie the Freeloader!” After several comedic failed attempts, the episode ends with Freddie the Freeloader outside of a church.  He hears a youth choir singing Christmas carols, and the words touch Freddie’s heart.   He resolves to turn his life around and find a job, and become a productive member of society …  Until the unforeseen happens.

Christmas with Red Skelton - DVDFreddie and the Yuletide Doll” is a non-speaking episode.  Freddie the Freeloader finds a lost Raggedy Ann doll, and dreams of the doll magically coming to life.  Freddie makes friends with Raggedy.   A shy courtship develops until Freddie’s dream is disturbed by reality.   It’s a wonderful film, with images of Freddie the Freeloader playing icicles like a xylophone, ice skating with Raggedy Ann, and many other moments that are magical.

Editorial review of Christmas with Red Skelton DVD, courtesy of Amazon.com

America €™s most-beloved clown delivers up two special Christmas shows on this one very special DVD. In Cop And The Anthem, Red plays Freddie the Freeloader, a down-on-his-luck tramp trying to get thrown into a nice warm jail cell at the happiest – and coldest – time of year. The second show, Freddie And the Yuletide Doll, has Red creating yet another bittersweet tale in this romantic, comedic ballet that touches on the true meaning of Christmas. Master of pantomime, skilled comedian, terrific entertainer, CHRISTMAS WITH RED SKELTON is ample proof of why there will never be another quite like Red Skelton.