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Photo gallery for Ship Ahoy

Photo gallery for Ship Ahoy – a very enjoyable musical comedy with Red Skelton, Bert Lahr, Eleanor Powell, Virginia O’Brien

The Show-Off

The Show-Off (1946) starring Red Skelton, Marilyn Maxwell Synopsis of The Show-Off Amy Fisher falls in love with Aubrey Piper, a loudmouth and braggart who pretends...

Everything’s Funny but Love

Everything’s Funny but Love, by John R. Franchey Originally published in Radio and Television Mirror, June 1942 Their romance was touched with amiable lunacy, and...

Red Skelton’s eye exam

Red Skelton’s eye exam – From Red’s opening monologue on “The Red Skelton Show” (January 25, 1971) – Red talks about a visit to his...

Flight Command

Flight Command (1940) starring Rod Taylor, Walter Pidgeon, Ruth Hussey, Red Skelton I originally watched  Flight Command because it was one of Red Skelton‘s earliest...

Half a Hero (1953)

Synopsis of Half a Hero, starring Red Skelton, Jean Hagen  Red Skelton stars as Ben Dobson, a freelance writer who no sooner starts working full-time...