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The Quiz Show Winner, Willy Lump Lump

Quiz Show Winner

Willie Lump Lump can’t stop being the quiz show winner! And he has nowhere to keep all his winnings! He’s even afraid to answer the phone … Also Deadeye rolls a cigarette, and a televised surgery?

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The Stage Coach Robbery - The Red Skelton Show season 2

The Stage Coach Robbery

The Stage Coach RobberyThe Red Skelton Show season 2, originally aired October 12, 1952

Deadeye stars in “The Stage Coach Robbery” from season 2 of The Red Skelton Show. A funny sketch, with Lucy Knoch and Benny Rubin, where the crooked Deadeye and his gang try to hold up the stage coach. The only passenger is the lovely Lucy Knoch — and she’s the sheriff! And it turns into a Tide commercial, where Benny Rubin would rather be shot that give over his box of Tide!

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