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Shirley Mitchell

Willy Lump Lump in the Topsy Turvey room in "The Transcontinental"

The Transcontinental

This weeks episode of The Red Skelton Show is four unrelated sketches – The Transcontinental (spoof of a TV series), It’s Magic (J. Newton Numbskull), The Streets of Laredo (Deadeye, Tide commercial), and Topsy Turvy (Willie Lump Lump)

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Willy Lump Lump washing the elephant

Willy Lump Lump – Red Skelton’s inebriate character

One of Red Skelton‘s “core” characters is Willy Lump Lump. Willy’s perpetually drunk, much to the chagrin of his suffering wife. How he started drinking varies, depending on the episode. Once, his wife said that it began with rum-filled chocolates that they received as a wedding gift. In another story, it goes back to when she was dating Willy. And she got him liquored up, so that he would propose to her!

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