The Red Skelton Show season 15

The Red Skelton Show season 1

The Red Skelton Show season 15 (1965-1966) – Red Skelton‘s variety show continues, with a wide variety of guest stars and singers, with the Silent Spot, classic bits, corny jokes

Air DateEpisode NameNotes
Tue Sep 14, 1965How Stupid of Cupidwith Sheila Rogers
Tue Sep 21, 1965The Fastest Crumb in the WestDeadeye, with Bobby DarinDeadeye with Bobby Darin as Indian Medicine Man Running Fever - The Red Skelton Show season 15
Tue Sep 28, 1965Loafer Come Back To Mewith Mickey Rooney
Tue Oct 05, 1965Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wife?with Patrice Munsel
Tue Oct 12, 1965Loco Boy Makes GoodClem Kadiddlehopper in the matchstick stacking Olypics, with Bobby RydellBobby Rydell and Red Skelton as Clem Kadiddlehopper in Loco Boy Makes Good, an episode of the Red Skelton Show
Tue Oct 19, 1965A Taste of MoneySan Fernando Red with Harve Presnell, Reta ShawA Taste of Money - originally aired October 19, 1965 - Season 15, episode 6 of The Red Skelton Show
Tue Oct 26, 1965Here Comes the BribeSheriff Deadeye runs for re-election, with Johnny Mathis, Carol ByronHere Comes the Bribe - The Red Skelton Show, originally aired October 26, 1965
Tue Nov 02, 1965Hobo A Go-GoFreddie the Freeloader, with Audrey Meadows, The LettermanHobo a Go-Go, The Red Skelton Hour, season 15, originally aired November 2, 1965, starring Red Skelton, Audrey Meadows
Tue Nov 09, 1965Brats in Your BelfryJunior the Mean Little Kid with Vic Dana, Chanin HaleBrats in your Belfry - The Red Skelton Hour, season 15, originally aired November 9, 1965
Tue Nov 16, 1965Goofy Goofy GanderClem Kadiddlehopper’s hen lays square eggs – with Stanley Holloway, the YoungfolkGoofy Goofy Gander - The Red Skelton Show season 15
Tue Nov 30, 1965Somebody Down Here Hates MeGeorge Appleby, with Robert Morse, the Animals, Doris SingletonDr. Harvey Butterfingers (Robert Morse) on the golf course with George Appleby (Red Skelton).in Somebody Down Here Hates Me
Tue Dec 07, 1965Never on a Bum-Daywith Robert Vaughn
Tue Dec 14, 1965Jerk of All TradesClem Kadiddlehopper, with Tallulah Bankhead, Horst JankowskiJerk of All Trades - The Red Skelton Show, season 15
Tue Dec 21, 1965The Plight Before ChristmasFreddie the Freeloader Christmas episode with Greer Garson
Tue Dec 28, 1965Monotony on the BountySan Fernando Red, with Cesar RomeroSan Fernando Red in Monotony on the Bounty
Tue Jan 04, 1966When Nuthood Was in FlowerForsooth, with Milton BerleMilton Berle as No-Good in "When Nuthood was in Flower"
Tue Jan 11, 1966Shine on Harvest GoonClem Kadiddlehopper, with Buddy Ebsen as Jed ClampettBuddy Ebsen as Jedd Clampett, in character in The Red Skelton Hour episode, Shine On Harvest Goon
Tue Jan 18, 1966Concert in Pantomimewith Marcel MarceauConcert in Pantomime - The Red Skelton Show, season 15
Tue Jan 25, 1966The Agony and the Nag-Onywith Vincent Price, Shirley MitchellThe Agony and the Nag-Ony - The Red Skelton Show season 15
Tue Feb 01, 1966Down the Old Chisholm Trail with the Old ChiselerSheriff Deadeye, with George GobelDeadeye and George Gobel in Down the Old Chisholm Trail with the Old Chiseler
Tue Feb 08, 1966Be It Ever So Homely, There’s No Face Like ClemClem Kadiddlehopper, with Tina Louise, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana BrassBe It Ever So Homely, There's No Face Like Clem - with Tina Louise
Tue Feb 15, 1966Half a Loafer is Better than Nonewith Ed Wynn as Freddie the Freeloader’s long-lost fatherRed Skelton celebrates Ed Wynn's 80th birthday
Tue Feb 22, 1966A Thousand and One Arabian Nutswith Stubby Kaye, Muriel LandersA Thousand And One Arabian Nuts, guest star Stubby Kaye - The Red Skelton Hour season 15, originally aired February 22, 1966
Tue Mar 01, 1966The Red Skelton Scrapbookwith John Wayne, Melanie AlexanderRed Skelton, as Willy Lump Lump, in the topsy turvy room in The Red Skelton Scrapbook 66
Tue Mar 29, 1966Love at First Frightwith Phyllis Diller, Jack PalanceLove at First Fright, with Phyllis Diller, The Red Skelton Show, season 15, originally aired March 22, 1966
Tue Apr 05, 1966Goodbye, Mr. Gypwith Jackie CooganGoodbye, Mr. Gyp - Red Skelton as a swami
Tue Apr 12, 1966The Bum Who Came in From the Coldwith Nancy WilsonFreddy the Freeloader (Red Skelton) with the flu bug (Christopher Carey) in The Bum Who Came in from the Cold
Tue Apr 19, 1966Bratmanwith Fernando Lamas, Ike ColeBratman - with Fernando Lamas - The Red Skelton Show
Tue Apr 26, 1966A Beauty Can Skin You Deepwith Joyce JamesonA Beauty Can Skin You Deep, with Joyce Jameson
Tue May 03, 1966Our Man Finkwith Robert Merrill, Pat PriestOur Man Fink, with Deadeye
Tue May 10, 1966Sweet Smell of Failurewith Virginia Grey, Jack JonesSweet Smell of Failure
Tue May 17, 1966Stupidity, Italian Stylewith Petula ClarkClem Kadiddlehopper on trial in Stupidity, Italian Style - The Red Skelton Show