The Show-Off

Red Skelton and Marilyn Maxwell starring in The Show-Off
The Show-Off (1946) starring Red Skelton, Marilyn Maxwell Synopsis of The Show-Off Amy Fisher falls in love with Aubrey Piper, a loudmouth and braggart who pretends to be more than the lowly clerk he is. She marries him, over her family’s objections.  Aubrey can’t seem to stop insulting others or...
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Everything’s Funny but Love

Redna Rancho is Home; Sweet Home for Red Skelton and wife; Edna. They met when Red played a theatre where Edna was cashier.
Everything’s Funny but Love, by John R. Franchey Originally published in Radio and Television Mirror, June 1942 Their romance was touched with amiable lunacy, and the groom borrowed the license-money from the bride — but Edna knew that Red Skelton was the man for her
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The Red Skelton Show – the early years

The Red Skelton Show - the early years
The Red Skelton Show – the early years (1951-1955)  In short, a DVD collection of the very early years of The Red Skelton Show – with a lot of episodes for the money. 10 disks of the show itself, with one additional bonus DVD. The contents are:
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Laugh, Clown, Laugh!

MGM's Merton of the Moviess - howling hit about Hollywood - Red Skelton - Virginia Mayo
I Dare Say — Laugh, Clown, Laugh! (originally published in The Pittsburgh Press, September 14, 1946) By Florence Fisher Parry Hollywood — I tell you you have to go out and get your story out here; it’s never in the mail or on the telephone. I know, I...
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Willie Lump Lump and the Mongoose

Willy Lump Lump and the mongoose
Willie Lump Lump and the Mongoose –  A cute joke from the old “Red Skelton Show” Many years ago,  Red Skelton  told the following joke using his inebriate character, Willie Lump Lump.
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