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The Red Skelton Hour: In Color: Unreleased Seasons

Red Skelton – Unreleased

Red Skelton – Unreleased – Collector’s Edition – Select Shows from 1959-1962

Buy from Red Skelton Unreleased  is a fairly different DVD collection of  The Red Skelton Show  in several respects.   It is digitally remastered, unlike most of the  Red Skelton  DVD collections out there.   It is also authorized by the Red Skelton estate.   It also contains a  lot  of episodes of The Red Skelton Show  – sixteen episodes in all, as well three full-length color episodes from Red’s final year on broadcast TV, as well as a taping of one of Red’s live shows.

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Half a Hero, starring Red Skelton, Jean Hagen

Half a Hero (1953)

Synopsis of Half a Hero, starring Red Skelton, Jean Hagen

Red Skelton stars as Ben Dobson, a freelance writer who no sooner starts working full-time as a rewrite man at a magazine than his wife (Jean Hagen) decides that they should have their first child. Afterward, she pushes him into moving from New York City to the suburbs.  Here he is nickel and dimed to the verge of bankruptcy.  Until his boss gives him his first chance at writing his own article for this national magazine.  An article talking about the “slums of tomorrow” — the suburbs

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