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Richard Skelton

Red Skelton with wife Georgia, son Richard, daughter Valentina

Red Skelton’s Son Dies Thinking of Mother

Red Skelton’s Son Dies Thinking of Mother – originally published in the Pittsburgh Press-Gazette, May 12, 1958

Writer tells how comedian and wife spent grief-filled hours after death

(Associated Press Hollywood Writer James Bacon is a long-time friend of Red and Georgia Skelton. He was with them Saturday night in their Bel-Air home when they returned from UCLA Medical Center, less than one hour after their son, Richard, lost his valiant fight with leukemiaemia.)

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Lucille Knoch and Red Skelton in the Cafe Paree skit on The Red Skelton Show

Cafe Paree [The Red Skelton Show]

Cafe PareeThe Red Skelton Show season 1, originally aired November 11, 1951

Red Skelton, Clem Kadiddlehopper, and Cauliflower McPugg sing. As do musical guests The Sportsmen. And then, Red tries to track down a spy at the Cafe Paree — which turns into a Tide commercial.

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