Older Red Skelton wearing a banana nose

Red Skelton quotes

February 12, 2012 tfraymond 0

Quotes from Red Skelton on clowns, laughter, children, and other topics.   Some quotes from Red Skelton’s TV show, others from interviews with Red

Red Skelton with his artwork, 1948

Red Skelton biography

February 10, 2012 tfraymond 1

Biography of Red Skelton (July 18, 1913 – September 17, 1997) If some day you’re not feeling well, you should remember some little thing I […]

Red Skeltons Christmas Show

Red Skelton Christmas Show

July 3, 2007 tfraymond 0

Red Skelton Christmas Show, featuring “Freddie and the Yuletide Doll”, as well as guest-starring Harpo Marx Red Skelton Christmas Show is a wonderful collection from […]