Ship Ahoy - a musical comedy starring Eleanor Powell, Red Skelton, Bert Lahr, Virginia O'brien

Ship Ahoy

February 26, 2012 tfraymond 0

Ship Ahoy (1942) – Red Skelton, Bert Lahr, Eleanor Powell, Virginia O’Brien Ship Ahoy is a very funny musical-comedy-romance from MGM that begins with Bert […]

The Fuller Brush Man - Red Skelton - DVD

The Fuller Brush Man

February 25, 2012 tfraymond 0

The Fuller Brush Man (1948), starring Red Skelton, Janet Blair In a nutshell, The Fuller Brush Man is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever […]

Three Little Words, Fred Astaire, Red Skelton, Vera-Ellen, Arlene Dahl, 1950

Three Little Words movie

February 22, 2012 tfraymond 0

Three Little Words (1950) starring Red Skelton, Fred Astaire, Vera-Ellen, Arlene Dahl Three Little Words is a long-time favorite movie of mine, for several reasons. […]