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Willie Lump Lump

The Quiz Show Winner, Willy Lump Lump

Quiz Show Winner

Willie Lump Lump can’t stop being the quiz show winner! And he has nowhere to keep all his winnings! He’s even afraid to answer the phone … Also Deadeye rolls a cigarette, and a televised surgery?

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DVD review - Red Skelton - King of Laughter - Celebrate Red's reign from Vaudeville to Movies and TV

Red Skelton King of Laughter

DVD Review of Red Skelton King of Laughter

Buy from Red Skelton, King of Laughter, is a compilation of episodes of  Red Skelton’s  long-running TV series, as well as bits and pieces from other sources. For example, it includes a clip of  Red’s vaudeville routine, Guzzler’s Gin, as well as a trailer for his movie Public Pigeon Number 1. It also includes various bloopers, and a rehearsal with Martha Raye that includes some things that never made it on the air.

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