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Red Skelton Show

Lucille Knoch and Red Skelton in the Cafe Paree skit on The Red Skelton Show

Cafe Paree [The Red Skelton Show]

Cafe PareeThe Red Skelton Show season 1, originally aired November 11, 1951

Red Skelton, Clem Kadiddlehopper, and Cauliflower McPugg sing. As do musical guests The Sportsmen. And then, Red tries to track down a spy at the Cafe Paree — which turns into a Tide commercial.

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Freddie's Shipwreck - with Sebastian Cabot,Red Skelton as Freddie the Freeloader - The Red Skelton Show season 10

The Red Skelton Show season 10

The Red Skelton Show season 10 is somewhat unusual. Red Skelton was out for part of the season, recovering from back surgery. And so, several of his friends filled in to guest host. These include: Jackie Gleason, Ed Sullivan, Desi Arnaz, Arthur Godfrey, and others. In addition, Red started off the season with a special pantomime performance taped at the United Nations. Enjoy!

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Honeymooners spoof, with Peter Lorre as Ralph Kramden, Red Skelton as Ed Norton, Vampira as Malice Norton, and Muriel Landers as Truxie

The Honeymooners Spoof [Red Skelton Show]

The Honeymooners Spoof, with Peter Lorre and Vampira – The Red Skelton Show, season 4, originally aired January 18, 1955

Peter Lorre wants Red Skelton to help him create … a comedy show! This results in a unique, funny Honeymooners spoof with Peter Lorre.  Peter Lorre acts like an Addams Family-version of Ralph Kramden. Red Skelton plays an interesting version of Art Carney‘s character, Ed Norton.  Favorite line: “Ralph’s” wife (Vampira) asks him how his day was. Peter Lorre (who drives a hearse) replies, “Traffic was so bad, my passenger got out and walked!”

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